IPSA Encoder & Software for TC 04

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Description of IPSA Encoder & Software for TC 04
  • Encoder Device: The encoder is a hardware device used to program keycards or key fobs with access credentials.
  • Central Management Software: This software serves as the backbone of the smart hotel management system.
  • Access Control System: The access control system is responsible for managing and granting access to different areas of the hotel.
  • Mobile Key Integration: Many modern smart hotel systems offer mobile key integration, allowing guests to use their smartphones to unlock their rooms
  • Integration with Property Management System (PMS): The smart hotel management system should seamlessly integrate with the hotel's PMS to synchronize guest information, room assignments, and billing details.
  • Audit Trail and Reporting: The system should maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all access events, including door openings, attempted entries, and access control changes.
  • Remote Management Capabilities: Hotel staff should be able to remotely monitor and manage the access control system from a centralized interface.
  • Security Features: Strong encryption protocols and authentication mechanisms are essential to safeguard sensitive guest data and prevent unauthorized access to the system.

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