How to Choose the Right Door Closer for Your Spaces?

As we go about our daily routine, we tend to overlook the importance of a well-functioning door closer. IPSA Door Closer, however, plays a crucial role in ensuring doors close securely, thereby preserving privacy and energy. These devices are not mere functional necessities; they are integral to the safety and efficiency of our surroundings. In this guide, we will assist you in selecting the perfect IPSA Door Closer for your space. Our focus will be on functionality, safety, and aesthetics, while ensuring maximum convenience.


Understanding IPSA Door Closers:

An IPSA Door Closer is a meticulously designed device that automatically closes a door after its opening, ensuring the door performs its most crucial function—staying closed when not in use. Its seamless operation is essential for maintaining security and environmental control in any space.


Suitable Settings for IPSA Door Closers:

Whether for bustling commercial venues or the quiet corridors of a residential building, IPSA Door Closers fit a myriad of door types, mainly wooden and aluminium sectional doors. However, they are unsuitable for glass or heavy metal doors exceeding 50 kg, ensuring a tailored application for optimal performance.


Choosing Your IPSA Door Closer: 

Key Features:

Selecting the right Door Closer involves considering the following:

  • Door Material: Wooden and aluminium doors are ideal.
  • Door Thickness and Width: Ensuring compatibility with the closer's design.
  • Door Weight: Matching the closer to the door's weight ensures reliability.


Model Specifics:

Each model is designed to cater to specific door dimensions and weights:

  • DC65: For doors up to 1000mm width and 65kg.
  • DC80/DC80P: For doors up to 1100mm width and 80kg, with 'P' denoting a pal-met or concealed arm.
  • DC85: For doors up to 1100mm width and 85kg.
  • DC100: For doors up to 1100mm width and 100kg.
  • CDC85: For a concealed closer in doors with a minimum thickness of 40mm, width up to 1100mm, and weight up to 85kg.


Certifications and Quality Assurance:

Our Door Closers aren't just built; they are engineered to last. With EN2# to EN4# standards compliance, fire rating for the DC80 model, and a robust life cycle of 500,000 cycles at full load capacity, we ensure the quality you can trust.


Installation and Support:

IPSA Door Closers are crafted for straightforward installation. However, we understand that an extra hand might be needed, so we offer technical assistance for challenging installations, especially for DIY enthusiasts or unskilled carpenters.


Safety Considerations:

We take safety seriously. The closing speed can be adjusted to suit the environment, ensuring a safer operation around children or spaces with lightweight doors.


Durability and Maintenance-Free Solutions:

With a 7-year replacement guarantee, our Door Closers stand the test of time, offering a maintenance-free solution that lets you 'install and forget,' backed by our unparalleled commitment to quality.


Cost Range:

IPSA Door Closers are available across a spectrum of price points, from a budget-friendly INR 1699 to a premium INR 9999, ensuring an option for every need and every pocket.



What sets IPSA apart is our no-questions-asked replacement policy. Provide proof of purchase and a picture of the defective Door Closer, and we'll take care of the rest, offering a 5-10-year warranty as a testament to our confidence in our products.


  • What standards do IPSA Door Closers comply with? 
    • EN2# to EN4#.


  • Which IPSA Door Closer is fire-rated? 
    • DC80.


  • What is the lifecycle of an IPSA Door Closer? 
    • 500,000 cycles.


  • How can I install my IPSA Door Closer? 
    • Technical assistance is available for challenging installations.


  • What does the 7-year replacement guarantee cover? 
    • It covers any defects under normal use.


  • How do I claim a replacement for a faulty Door Closer? 
    • Contact us with proof of purchase and a photo of the faulty item.


Selecting the right Door Closer is about more than just the swing of a door; it's about choosing a partner that offers security, efficiency, and peace of mind. IPSA Door Closers are designed to provide all that and more, standing by you with a steadfast warranty and unparalleled customer support.


Are you ready to close the door on hassle and open it to convenience and security? Contact IPSA today for a personalised consultation and step into the ease of top-tier.

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